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Wowwy. Look who came out of hiding. If LJ sucks as much as it… - The Artyst formally known as... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 26th, 2004|11:52 pm]

Wowwy. Look who came out of hiding.

If LJ sucks as much as it does, it will delete this entry...and i will never come back. *hiss*

Anywho...lets see school let out....ALONG time ago. Thank God! I'm desperately waiting to get my report card to see if I passed and got my credits. I need to graduate on time god dammit. Hmm, I was suddenly in the mood to type up a nice long entry, but suddenly I lost interest.

Maybe its cuz of the 50 million gunshots I just heard outside my house. Lately I've been hearing some weird fuckig noises. Like about two weeks ago, I couldn't sleep cuz I kept hearing a cat...like a cat being tortured. It was the most awful noise...like a deranged cat being tortured. Worse than the sound of it being strangled...it was like it was being probed by aliens..that kinda noise. LOL...there goes taht imagination of mine, but seriously it was one of the scariest noises I've ever heard.

My dad is the nosiest motherfucker alive. I wish he would stay the fuck out..and away from this house. Obviously, I am NOT very happy with him. I hate having a father that....doesn't even deserve that title. i used to be attached to him even when he abandoned me for weeks at a time and I'd be so happy to see him. But now I know his lies and tricks, and I'm fed up. I still need a father to take care of me. All children do. And I hate what he's done to this family. I just want him to go...

I'm also the laziest motherfucker alive. I swear. I have all this free time, but as my friend Anderson puts it...I'm becoming nocturnal. Sleep during the day, stay up during the night. and that's TERRRRIBBBBLLEEEE for me. I already have a bad sleep cycle and I'm just fucking it up even more. Like i'm seriously suffering from insomnia, not a fun feeling. But anyways like I said, I have all thsi free time...time I should be taking advantage of, but I don't do a DAMN THING! I literally just sit...stare. But actually lately I've been drawing alot. And I can't WAIT to get a fucking scanner...cuz I have some really nice pictures to scan in. Some X-rated(which my dad saw!!! LOL)

But anyways, i should be spending this time writing. I have been...its just that I'm to much of a perfectionist, that I wanna write it perfectly. It as in this story I've been working on for MONTHS lol. I bet those unmentionables hate me lol....I feel so bad. And on top of it, my writing is gonna be even more delayed cuz my fucking computer is a piece of shit and I have to get a system reboot or some crap. *sigh*

in the mean time, I've been reading some kick ass stories and chilling out. Summer school starts July 6th :( So i have a limited amount of time to do the things I need to do, but i will be keeping anyone who's interested posted.lol. hey, looks like I posted a long entry anyway.

Also got my hair done today. God...what a difference a flat iron makes! LOL!! And aww, today was my last day at the dance class. Ms.Danielle (the teacher) said my body likes tap. ....*rubs chin* interesting....

k, peace out!